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Thank you for your interest in Bimbo Canada. The following frequently asked questions are created to help you. Please contact us if you still have further questions.
 Why would I choose a Bimbo Canada distributorship?
Since 1911, Bimbo Canada has produced the finest tasting, best-loved bakery products in the industry. When you operate a Bimbo Canada distributorship, you are part of in a proven business model where you can enjoy positive cash flow from day one.
 How much does it cost to operate a distributor route?
Bimbo Canada distributorships are a lower cost investment with reduced operating costs. There is no up front fee, lower ongoing investments, and no additional fees of any paid to Bimbo Canada or its affiliates. 

Do I need to provide my own truck to run a distributor route?
Yes, you will need to have your own vehicle and be responsible for implementing your own infrastructure. 

How much will I earn operating a distributor route?
Under a Bimbo Canada distributorship, Bimbo Canada will sell the products directly to the customers and the distributor will not take ownership of the products. Distributors will recieve a weekly Distributor Fee from Bimbo Canada based on a % of the products that were sold.
What Bimbo Canada distributor routes are available?
Check the Routes Available section by clicking HERE.
Do I need any Direct Store Delivery (DSD) experience? 
No previous DSD experience is required. Bimbo Canada looks for individuals with an understanding of general business principles. Our training program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills required to become a successful Bimbo Canada Distributor.
What qualities does Bimbo Canada require of its distributors?
To qualify for a Bimbo Canada distributorship, an individual must have a strong desire to own and operate his or her own successful business, specifically a quick paced, direct to customer route operation. Only highly committed individuals are considered for entry into our distributor network. Candidates will have the ability to relate well with customers and the community in which they operate. The need for hard work and personal time investment in the operation of a profitable Bimbo Canada distributorship cannot be over emphasized.
How long does the distribution agreement last?
The Bimbo Canada distributor agreement term is five (5) years + 1 additional 5 year renewal option.
Who sets the operational procedures and policies?
Operational procedures and policies are established and mandated by Bimbo Canada and are in place to ensure customer expectations are met. Bimbo Canada supplies an operations manual to every distributor. The manual clearly defines the standard policies and procedures to be followed in operating a Bimbo Canada distributorship. A Territory Sales Manager will discuss and revisit the standards with each distributor several times in a year to provide any assistance the distributor may require while ensuring that the established standards are being maintained.